thats it. moving to france.

KINDERGARTEN GOURMETS: The French School Lunch from david turecamo on Vimeo.



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datey date with the mister and stuff

this weekend has been so relaxing.. Zach is totally moving his studio so its kept him super busy to say the least.

we miss him.


so we got ourselves dressed and decided to head out on a mommy mister date to help with the blues.


and it did.


after a long nap i surprised Levi taking him to sweet ceces. we addicted to it… but if you must be addicted to something, it might as well be froyo.


and we strolled through downtown franklin- historic church yard.

im sorry but look at that stance.

he is so darn cute… i dont know what to do with myself.

yelling at the birds.

and my sweet boy just hanging out.

Hey petunia look at yo mama.

then we did a bit of shopping at joannes and we went to the learning express

and Levi put on a private show…. for a party of 1.

singing Jason Aldean’s Big green Tractor song.


and to finish it off we headed down to the mellow mushroom to go fine-dine on some pizza and salad.

and my mom got to come with us which we were SO happy about.




i am so ready for Zach to have his studio done so we can have our dada back. i felt like a single parent all weekend. sorta.

we didnt get to go to church today because mister has a terrible cough. sounds like a wet cough.

so were still in our pa-jay-jays.

Zach is jumping with Levi on the trampoline as i type this….

such a good daddy.


hope your weekend was grand.



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I don’t come into the ‘new year’ with a list of “to-do’s.”

I have loads of goals and inspirations that I know in my heart I really desire.

I rarely just jump into things these days , thinking through choices and consequences (good and bad)

but motive and what I get out of my job, home etc. is huge deal for me.

I must have a feeling of I am bettering myself and other around me.

that’s  most likely why i have always desired to be a mother.

speaking of….


i really really want one of these


and one of these.


and why i would just love to welcome another baby into this world…

i also have this desire from deep within to go back to school.

i have been thinking about going to esthetician school for about 4 years now, its been on my heart.

wahhhh whats a girl to do?!

Contrary i also have this Immense calling to being a stay at home mother to my sweet Levi. Which to me is priceless.. raising a human being into a man of God.. leading, teaching, guiding, laughing and most importantly loving. There is just something so sacred about it.

especially bringing another baby into this world there is just no way i would want to work and leave my babies at home:(

im so torn at the moment…

the great news is i dont have to have the answers tonight.

i will just continue to pray for guidance from my Heavenly Father, ask him for wisdom on this. and also the mother of all mothers Mary.


either way i know that i can continually just be grateful for what amazing blessings I have.

family truly is forever.





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ive been a writer all of my life…

since i was little… for whatever reason i somehow can get what my heart is saying out on paper rather than speaking it aloud.

I love reading other people’s work… everyone has something to say about anything.  I feel like most everyone should be heard. although its rare for me to get lost in one’s works, and long for more.

However this poet captures the essence of hanging with your own breath the transcending peace that you may have;

if you choose.


I came across this video and it spoke straight to my soul.


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Off white day

Sheesh. Today’s been gloomy. I wish I had something better to blog about but I don’t. For whatever reason I feel better when I do laundry. And when I’m having a rough day there is nothing like cleaning.For whatever reason having perfectly white socks makes me feel better.. Makes me feel like a wonderful mother for my child to have his little socks all folded. Oh me… I guess I could have worse problems besides obsessing over clean socks.

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dont change boats quite yet

Tonights been a tough night.

I hate to complain… And find it quite obnoxious for people to complain period. But tonight I will give myself some slack and say that it’s been rough. I won’t bore you with detail and all but I did stumble across this blog… And found such a wonderful message.

Basil wanted to find a place where it was quiet, where he could leave behind the craziness and commotion of life and focus on his relationship with God. (Sound familiar?) So he moved from the city to the country, hoping to still the waters and lower the noise. But it didn’t work. Quieter circumstances failed to quiet his mind.

“[W]e have derived no great benefit from our present solitude,” Basil wrote to a friend, explaining how the move had let him down.

It’s a common story and we all have our own version. When situations disappoint and experiences fall short of expectations, we think that changing our circumstances will fix the problems, like we can just discard and get a better hand. But it doesn’t always—or even usually—work that way.

Basil in the city can’t focus on God. Change the circumstances, and Basil in the country still can’t focus on God. Why? The truth is that the person matters more than the place. Remember that line from Bukaroo Banzai? “Wherever you go, there you are.”

Basil and Buckaroo are on the same page. “I am like those who go to sea,” Basil continued in his letter, “and because they had no experience in sailing are very distressed and sea-sick, and complain of the size of the boat as causing the violent tossing; and then when they leave the ship and take to the dinghy or the cock-boat, they continue to be sea-sick and distressed wherever they are; for their nausea and bile go with them when they change.”

The nausea is the problem, not the boat. The view might be different, maybe even better, but the change won’t help the real issue, which is us. Said Basil, “[W]e carry our indwelling disorders about with us, and so are nowhere free form the same sort of disturbances.”

If a change in circumstances isn’t the solution, and it usually isn’t, then we need to turn inward and work on ourselves. Basil says that looks like unlearning the things that foul up our minds and hearts and earnestly practicing the faith through prayer and meditation on the Scriptures; this is what will eventually reorder those indwelling disorders that we drag around.

When faced with joylessness and frustration, we should be quicker to fault ourselves than our circumstances. St. Paul talks about being content in all situations, whether in riches or in poverty. That’s the mark of someone who is comfortable serving in any boat that God assigns.

Via Joel miller.

Anyway… It just spoke greatly to my heart. And even if we don’t share the same faith there are still nuggets of gold to take.

Blessing and joy to all!

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I can’t sleep.

I’ve counted aproximently 1628373828 sheepity sheeps

It’s 1:33 and all I want to do it finish painting the living room

And decorate my house

And thinking about how much I just love and adore Levi

and what wall paper would look dashing in my bathroom

i have just jumped out if bed to slather on eye cream

And turn down the heater…

Yeesh . I just can’t go to bed….



I got really happy when Levi just woke up a few minutes ago

looking a wee bit heavily drugged he sat up in his crib, mumbled a few
Japanese words

and then nestled his head into my neck for a slumber.

So now he’s cozied up next to us.. (Me in particular )

Fast asleep under layers of covers

the snow is falling.

I’m so happy I could cry.

Have I mentioned how much I just love him


till next time.


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