poor babe.

this weekend has started out so rough.

our sweet mister is just as sick as can be.

it all started on Thursday late at night.

Levi woke up around 2 am saying he was not feeling well… so i let him crawl in bed with me and go to sleep.

he woke up super early which is not like him at all. The child wakes up around 9 am everyday… if not later!

he’s a saint… really the best child.

im not biased a bit.

i swear.

ok maybe a little. but really he is so well-behaved.

so around 11 am i took him to the doctor and he was diagnosed with a double ear infection and his left ear drum looked like it was going to rupture. (which i immediacy freaked) the doctor told me that its normal, and it would bring relief to him with that much pressure behind the ear drum and it would heal back totally normal.

still to see your baby in that much pain:(

we got some lunch at the cafe up the street and as soon as we got home he spiked a crazy 104 fever plus had terrible chills. i made him a pallet and put on a movie, he asked for vanilla almond milk which he’s addicted to… he guzzled it down and i held him… about two minutes later he threw up all over me.

poor babe. he threw up every thirty minutes for about 4 hours straight. i called his doctor again and again… i really didn’t want to bring him to the hospital because unless we had to. the whole experience there is just so rough on a child. so i sat on the couch right next to him as he slept with a bowl next to him till about 6pm. I finally got a couple of ounces of Gatorade down him and got all our meds out. he finally took some Advil and within minutes his fever dropped. he was up playing and wanted to eat. bedtime was rough and he ended up throwing up all over me again. If he is still sick tomorrow we are headed to the er. poor guy. anyway just say prayers for the poor baby… that he would have total healing over his whole body.

just know he is in great hands and his mama and daddy make sure he is so well taken care of. he is such and angel.


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