little datey

we have not had much time together these past few week with the big move of Zachary’s studio.

He has practically lived up there working into the wee hours of the night only to come home and go right back in the morning.

(also i am totally aware my grammar and punctuation are not correct. also my run-on sentences are of a hideous proportion.
but its my blog…
so it’s all good.)


last night my sweet mama watched our Levi and i surprised Zachary at work saying he gets to take me out on a date tonight! wee!!!!

i was really craving that fake cheese on the nachos… you know the kind that cost 6$. mmmm..

filling up on hot tamales and sour patch kids.


sadly no movies caught our attention so we ended up driving around and choosing to eat at boscos.

which was delish.


beinnn silly

after we stuffed ourselves i decided i was not full enough and really needed cupcake.

I ran up to the door with the wind in my hair and drooling only to find the door  locked up tighter than a drum.

sad. just sad.

so we ended up going to publix.

with our cupcake and free coffee.

and him.

fun night.

fo sho.



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