thats it. moving to france.

KINDERGARTEN GOURMETS: The French School Lunch from david turecamo on Vimeo.



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6 responses to “thats it. moving to france.

  1. I did a research paper on school lunches in America. NEVER LET YOUR CHILDREN EAT SCHOOL LUNCHES! This looks amazing, though. So so good. Yummms.

    • Renée

      I know! We are doing our best to not only eat organic but to make all things from scratch. Whew. Although this IS how school food should be…

  2. Only to think that if I had got that assistantship teaching English in France this year, perhaps I would have been eating some of these delicious lunches!
    C’est dommage!

    • Renée

      Wow! That would be amazing! I made a so valid point to zach that we should just go live there for 2 years for the experience. We would so love that. Fingers crossed!

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