datey date with the mister and stuff

this weekend has been so relaxing.. Zach is totally moving his studio so its kept him super busy to say the least.

we miss him.


so we got ourselves dressed and decided to head out on a mommy mister date to help with the blues.


and it did.


after a long nap i surprised Levi taking him to sweet ceces. we addicted to it… but if you must be addicted to something, it might as well be froyo.


and we strolled through downtown franklin- historic church yard.

im sorry but look at that stance.

he is so darn cute… i dont know what to do with myself.

yelling at the birds.

and my sweet boy just hanging out.

Hey petunia look at yo mama.

then we did a bit of shopping at joannes and we went to the learning express

and Levi put on a private show…. for a party of 1.

singing Jason Aldean’s Big green Tractor song.


and to finish it off we headed down to the mellow mushroom to go fine-dine on some pizza and salad.

and my mom got to come with us which we were SO happy about.




i am so ready for Zach to have his studio done so we can have our dada back. i felt like a single parent all weekend. sorta.

we didnt get to go to church today because mister has a terrible cough. sounds like a wet cough.

so were still in our pa-jay-jays.

Zach is jumping with Levi on the trampoline as i type this….

such a good daddy.


hope your weekend was grand.




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