I don’t come into the ‘new year’ with a list of “to-do’s.”

I have loads of goals and inspirations that I know in my heart I really desire.

I rarely just jump into things these days , thinking through choices and consequences (good and bad)

but motive and what I get out of my job, home etc. is huge deal for me.

I must have a feeling of I am bettering myself and other around me.

that’s  most likely why i have always desired to be a mother.

speaking of….


i really really want one of these


and one of these.


and why i would just love to welcome another baby into this world…

i also have this desire from deep within to go back to school.

i have been thinking about going to esthetician school for about 4 years now, its been on my heart.

wahhhh whats a girl to do?!

Contrary i also have this Immense calling to being a stay at home mother to my sweet Levi. Which to me is priceless.. raising a human being into a man of God.. leading, teaching, guiding, laughing and most importantly loving. There is just something so sacred about it.

especially bringing another baby into this world there is just no way i would want to work and leave my babies at home:(

im so torn at the moment…

the great news is i dont have to have the answers tonight.

i will just continue to pray for guidance from my Heavenly Father, ask him for wisdom on this. and also the mother of all mothers Mary.


either way i know that i can continually just be grateful for what amazing blessings I have.

family truly is forever.






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