Squeaky clean Mister

bath time is such a wonderful time. i so enjoy being able to have my sweet boy being squeaky clean from head to toe. Something about having a warm bath, fresh brushed teeth and hair just makes me feel so good… and i my mister too. he always sleeps better.

here are the products we use and seriously love. like nutrition or anything else taking care of yourself is top priority.

first of for washing… i love a good clean warm smell. i use this brand by Shea Moisture. This is NOT the exact bottle but you can get it at Target.

i buy the one that says BABY HEAD TO TOE ORGANICS. I also buy the lotion which I love to use as well! i always get compliments on how good it smells…and how good Levi smells.


during summer i love these by LUSH. shipping is a bit pricey but you sometimes can catch a deal on amazon.

face lotion can be tricky… just because Levi has sensitive skin.

i typically use Cetaphil. or this.

and its Dirt cheap. you can get is at the walmart.


if his poor face is super chapped i cake on Vita E oil 30,000 iu.

changing the buns and keeping him dry and clean essential

i love this because it doesn’t smell so heavy plus its talc-free.

we use these diapers… but will be full on potty training in about 4 months.

for teeth we love this. since he still swallow I make sure to use something safe.

and yes… I floss my 2 year olds teeth. this glides super easy and is so gentle and soft.



for hair we are doing a unstyled comb over lately..

I love this, you don’t need much and it holds all day. don’t put much in or it will look like a greasy mess.


i know this may be silly.. but mister loves cologne. i let him have a tiny squirt on his shirt before we go out on the town or playdates. typically i let him wear a lighter scent of Zachary’s cologne… but Burberry baby is amazing… and its made especially for babies.

these are the two of Zachary’s that i let him wear as well.


anways i hope you can try some product on here! i woulndt back them if we didnt love them:)

what products do you love to use on your little lady or mister??


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