what a magical christmas we had. really.

i could not have asked for a better time with my sweet mister and my darling husband. i love them so much it hurts.

so thankful for all the wonderful things i have in my life… i could gush on and on about how amazing Levi is and how magical our Christmas was.

he was SO excited… and it made it so fun this year that Levi really understood Santa and all.


here are some pictures… (kind of crappy iphone picutres) sorry.

and some darling darling videos of our delicious little boy.


Christmas eve!

Christmas Morning! did i mention we finally woke Levi up at 10:30 am…

also we were pleasantly surprised with a white christmas!


and of course he got a Big green tractor!

christmas eve serivce

are you dying… i am…

also my hubby totally redid the living room! ahhh i was so happy!! it turned out wonderful… and the paint color and those chairs… im a lucky lady.


he did this all in about 7 hours.. mounted the tv and all…

these pictures DO NOT do it justice by any means.


i cant wait to add all my throws and knick knacks in. its perfect.


anyway hope you had a wonderful holiday!!!




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