so…. misters been a naughty mister.

He’s climbing out of his crib all hours of the night… and after nap.

tsk tsk.

I’ve explained to him multiple times how dangerous it is to be climbing in and out, and he needs to wait till mommy comes to get him out. so he opts for getting out of his crib and bringing the toys back into his bed.

anyways.. enough is enough and im ready for him to get a big boy bed.

im super excited to get to decorate his room… and although i know he would absolutely love a dippy race car bed and spider man to be splattered all over his walls..

. it aint happin’.

once he is a little bigger ill let him decorate his room just how he likes . i do feel like for my child, i want him to have a space he Loves and he contributes his thoughts/ expresses himself in his space, but for now he’s 2 1/2 and momma still loves to pick out his stuff.

maybe a spider man sleeping bag will do for now.


anyhow we are getting super stoked about christmas over here!

3 days… really?!?!?!

im ready all the gifties are wrapped and ready.

and all we need is Santie to get here!



i hope you are having a wonderful christmas season.





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