my words 101.

here we go… 101 on me… so here you are.


1. i don’t know where or who i  would be without my faith.

2. my husband and mister are my world. my everything. im so grateful for them.

3.  i love movies. specifically going to the movies. its just the best…

4. my favorite store is anthropologie.

5. i have no desire to get a dog

6. i love getting dressed up… i always feel my best.

7. i love cooking and baking.

8. i cant stand crocs. or uggs.

9. i love to travel… i desire to travel all over the world… with my babies in tow.

10. i believe the best in everyone.

11. i love Sundays

12. my favorites make-up is makeup forever and mac.

13. Levi has taught me so much… i never would have known without him.

14. i think the world has loads of potential.

15. i start getting my christmas decorations ready and made in July.

16. i love pretty dishes.

17. i enjoy taking public transportation when i get the chance.

18. i want to give my mister a magical childhood.

19. im moderate in most things… including politics.

20. i already have all my future childrens names.

21. i love burts bee chapstick

22. my favorite shirt is my def tones tee.

23. i love to get lost in a good book.

24. i take a bath every single night …. religiously.

25. i dont color my hair.

26 i really would love to be an esthetician .

27. i prefer a small real high grade diamond over a huge low grade one.

28. i love greasy home-made popcorn… i make the best.

29. my mother has taught me so much… including to be true to myself.

30. i feel weird getting pedicures and having someone else wash my feet.

31. buxom by bare essentials is my fav. lipgloss.

32. i sometimes feel by the time i translate my thoughts an essence of them maybe lost.

33. one goal this year is to take ballet classes.

34. i want to learn to speak french.

35. i could drink a venti iced chai tea latte everyday of my life.

36. ive always wanted to ride a camel.

37. im terrified of flying.

38. im seriously one of the most flexible people you will ever meet.

39. im love decorating my house.

40. i met my husband at starbucks

41. iphone is a piece of crap… but i will never ever go back.

42. i wish i could ride horses everyday of my life.

43. i love shopping for my mister…. like really.

44. sephora is the jam.

45. im passionate about adopting.

46. i love music. i need it…

47. i love the smell of the homedepot.

48. i wash my sheets once a week.

49. the only fastfood place ill eat at is chickfila.

50. im bestfriends with my husbands grandmother.

51. i sleep atleast 8-12 hours everynight.

53. i floss.

54. i love the snow.

55. my feet turn colors according to the temperature.

56. i love my bed. its one of my favorite places.

57. i want to ride in a hot air balloon.

58. i have a heart for teachers.

59. i love the country life at times.. and the city life at times.  and the beach life at times.

60. i can keep a secret.

61. im comfortable in my own skin

62. i think George Clooney is a dream boat.

63. i surround myself with positive people who encourage me.

64. one of my favorite restraunts is the daily dish.

65. i love taking pictures.

66. i will never ever climb into a tanning bed.

67. im deathly afraid of sharks… even in the swimming pool.( i know.. i know)

68. im so grateful my problems are only small ones.

69. i try my best to be healthy.

70. i believe its a choice to be happy.

71. one of my favorite bands of all times is The Killlers.

72. i love candles.

73. i love being questioned.. and questioning people.

74. i carry my house in my purse.

75. i love to paint.

76. rock climbing is exhilarating to me.

77. i hate the war.

78.  i believe everychild should have a loving home.

79. i love wine…

80. i cant stand people wearing shoes into my house… i just do…sorry.

81. i love learning about other religions.

82. i go on a date alone once a week.

83. im extremely hard on myself. and ask for grace daily.

84. i wear my hair in a fishtail braid instead of a pony.

85. i  love to sew.

86. i raised myself as a child.

87. i think real christmas trees are best.

88. i want to learn to salsa.

89. i dont like football. at all.

90. we still have not gotten our taxes back from 2010.

91. i believe in the power of love and respect.

92. i think twitter is ridiculous.

93. my favorite car is a mercedes G wagon.

94. i love to host parties.

95. a Jonas brother once ” loved” me. – gag.

96. im not high maintenance.

97. i love to meditate.

98. i want to live in japan and london.

99. i have a dream book.

100. i think itunes was the greatest thing ever invented.

101. sweet tea- fruit tea. i cant live without it.






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