im sorry. you know i am. i swear im not a dud. doozy. and havn’t totally forgot about my bloggie.

kinda boring only having crumby iphone photos at the top of a page for a month at a time.

my computer. both macs crashed. like need a new hard-drive crash just within weeks of eachother.

its drives me crazy. so i think im going to have to get an entire new computer.

i could rip all my hair out, but its wouldnt look very nice.


anyways i cant believe how fast time is going…. im soaking it all up. Mister is getting so big. i need to put a rock on his head so he cant grow anymore;)

he is talking non stop… which i adore. asks questions about every tiny little thing… which i enjoy too. he listens so well when i explain to him what something is. wheather or not he can comprehend it or not… well…. i dont care. i just explain it to him exactly how i would to a friend… or an elderly person. he seems to like to hear me ramble on.

hopefully ill be back for good.


heres just a few  of the sweet pictures we had made.

love her



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4 responses to “doozy

  1. ooooh my goodness these are all so amazing! you guys look wonderful!!

  2. you guys are one beautiful family… you look amazing!

  3. These are wonderful!
    You three look fabulous. 🙂

  4. Renée

    saaaankk youz sannk youuz…

    well she was well worth the money… i cant believe we got over 100 imgs from her on a disc..

    shes super talented:)

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