fall and sorts

im sorry i have not been on here.


at all.


things are crazy..

or as my sweet mister puts it,

“cray cray momma”

yes. well said my dear.

one day when my computers fixed i will upload pictures and pretty things. till then….

i am just going to have to upload iphone pics!

but blessed we are. so undeniably blessed.


heres a few to get by on for now:]



i love hims



him and his man friends



i sure hope you have a beautiful day. blessing and light and may God hand of favor always be upon you.

and know…

you are loved beyond all measure.



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2 responses to “fall and sorts

  1. Is one of his friends Jake? I was looking through your blog and recognized a cute little face. I work with Jennifer’s sister and go to church with her mom and step dad. Small world.

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