I haven’t been on my blog in quite some time. Life has been going on:)

Not that anyone is reading this in the first place but if you are take a moment and say a little prayer.

For anything or anyone. Maybe quite possibly it could just be even yourself. After all it could be you who is suffering internally or externally or perhaps both. I want to just send words of encouragement to you. Whoever you are. That your suffering despair and strife are not in vain. There is an absolute purpose our father in heaven has allowed this to happen, allowed you to feel these growing pains if you will. As a christ follower I believe when you put your faith in the father and Jesus Christ for deliverance and that there is a much greater good in your suffering,Far beyond our earthly understanding.

Faith is a funny thing. It seems so simple at times yet scientifically incorrect.

A bit ago I went for a stroll around the block… Just me. As i turned the corner There stood a beautiful stained swing set. Yellow swing seats with bright colors hanging all around. It must have cost a small fortune to buy.

I saw a little sweet blonde headed girl swinging back and forth back a forth… Without a care in all the world. Completely living in that moment in time.

As I watched her from a distance I began to think of faith. Her father most likely had put that whole thing together for her. Built it from the ground up for her to totally enjoy. as she swung higher and higher and the air filled with laughter. I was certain that not once did she think the swing was going totally come of the hinges. No certainly not. Instead she swung higher knowing that her father had put it together.

The same way that was a little clue into one of my most profound messages of childlike faith. To trust that our heavenly father has Designed us. Built us. As we swing through life we can put every ounce of our faith in him to carry us higher then we could ever imagine. Sweet beloved After all that is exactly what he desires.

Raise yo handz up if you hear me
Can I get an amen!!!!

( hands and feet up in the air)


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