sometimes most days.. i have these days.

i hate putting laundry away… or even worse dishes. i really really hate it.

i dont mind the washing the mountain high wash that i chisel into when i get a chance.

i enjoy that.

i always enjoy putting my hands into a pile of dirty dishes.

dont ask me why.. its just soothing to me.

but the putting away… shoot me.

so this past week ive tried a new approach.

after the basket of clean clothes has been sitting there for sweet Jesus only know how long… i lit a candle.. or 5.

put on some fiest..

turned on low lighting..

and i put every inch on my laundry away.

it was actually peaceful. believe it or not…

im finding a perspective and attitude makes all the difference in the world. taking something that is not really a”fun” duty and turning the light on a new perspective well…

you may just have a closet of clean pressed clothes.

or all your dishes lickity clean.

anway.. thats just my two cents.

but… i also put some cutie pies little things in the shop


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