what a day.

running around town. misters been nothing but perfect.

except for when he flipped off the couch at the bank and spilled blue slushy everywhere. poor boy. he was so terribly embarrassed…. and was so worried that he had made a mess he didn’t even realize his shirt was soaked in blue icy mess. God bless his sweet little heart.

all day we talked like we were Japanese in the car while we were driving.

he is quite hilarious.

this is how our conversation went.

me -so what is your name?

levi-  its meso.

me- meso?

levi- meso HAPPY mommy!


really… he is so clever.

so the rest of our day we just kept feeding on that.

meso crazy

meso tiwerd

meso hungwey

meso want candy

meso craycray

meso want to leave dmv


i guess we are just weird.

but we were rolling with tears.

he is so fun.

my sweet man.


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