day 3 st. Louis


i swear.

my heads spinning. sorta like the exorcist only without the throw-up.

im telling you something. we resemble with the head spinning…

and the hairdo.

and the racoon eyes.

and maybe even the same noises. when I sleep? im not sure. you’ll have to talk to my husband about that one.

im a freak.


but you knew that.

so lets get back to our trippy trip! so fun.

we had an absolute blast. every single second.


room service.


room service.


out to dinner.



room service.


and this little mister was nothing but a PURE JOY

we went to the st. louis zoo.

i have never been so hot in all of my life. Listen, im not a yackity complaining kinda gal. but stick me in 100 degree weather with 48574328353 people running around… you will see me at my very absolute worst.

but contrary mister didnt mind a bit.

what can i say?

we level one another out quite perfectly.

this awesome little train did take you around the zoo so you don’t have to walk.


we did ride around on the train and saw tons of jungle animals..

but we only go off at the kids center to really play… it was just to bloody hot out.

and then…

we found something

“wow. amazing.”

in fact…. that’s exactly what mister said when we turned the corner and found

i just let him play in his dipey since we didn’t bring a swimsuit.

you should have seen the looks i got from the other parents.

i just smiled.

WERE FROM THE SOUTH BABY! it’s all good!

(atleast i kept his diaper on him.)

he had the best time.


although… im not sure i could pull that off and all.

you know.

just the underpants in the water.


i could only imagine.



i just died of humiliation.





ok im alive again!

oh sweet heavens child

a tid bit saggy nappy my  sweet petunia?

and then we met miss roberta.

she was a tired hot old lady.

i knew exactly how she felt the poor dear.

i wanted to do the same..

and mister… being the most heartfelt, compassionate  bona fide man he is

just wanted to make sure she was ok.

if she needed water.

or her baba.

or her bee-bee ( blankie).

or a pillow.

or a paci.

or her mommy.

such a servants heart.




so lets move on this way

this is on our way to the arch.

then mister had his first train ride.

on a real train.


best 2.50 ive ever spent in my life.

phone picture.

i love it though:)


light. when i see you. when i touch you. i just think of you as pure light. filling every crevasse of my heart with pure joy, happiness, peace, love. i see the light you exude out to the people around you, the people you have touched and will touch. the continual love you share with everyone around you.

You with  your darling smile…  just grin to brighten one’s day.

I had the best most memorable time with you on our little vaca. totally enjoyed every second of it!  i so cant wait to do it again. my sweet bestest friend. and this next time…… you can pick where we go; )


forever and ever.

and ever.

and ever.



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