day 2

we have been running around this city like kids in a candy shop.

seriously… i have no idea how wonderful and full of history this city is.

and the food… oh… we have basically done everything surrounding food…

us poor souls.

i cant even talk about it.

its to dangerous.


today we went to the

magic house

here are just some random pics i snapped.

then we had a HUGE nap… followed by a lovely seafood dinner  and the most delish dessert…

and then we  and found….


and i couldn’t believe all mister wanted to do was jump on this.

and he insisted i do it as well.


i did.


do we look a bit gleeful?

ahh… mister is tucked in as snug as a bug… were totally exhausted in such a good way.

im totally sure that Levi is the funnest human alive to hang with … so glad he’s all mine.






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2 responses to “day 2

  1. you two are amazing….I can’t wait to see you on Friday….ly….mimi

  2. We live in St. Louis (area at least.)
    It IS a great city!
    I hope you enjoyed yourself here. 🙂

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