mommy/mister trip

this week we to st. Louis!

we are going to be running around the town like a bunch of mad fools!

mister did so wonderful on the ride here…. it ended up being like 7 hours in the car with traffic:/

but of course he was nothing but an angel.

we jammed out to some great songs on the way there.

i think we mainly listened to old rock.

suprising to my mother… i actually knew the words to most of the songs.


the hotel were at is beyond gorgeous.

my perfect sweet man

we were so exhausted by the time we got in..

we ordered room service and hit the pool!

siweeee miwsta

we just go together like

mommy and mister

bread and butter

peas and carrots

elvis and brylcream


looking forward to a super fun day tomorrow

and a super sleepy baby tonight.


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One response to “mommy/mister trip

  1. oh my gah renee get out of town (haha okay I guess you already are). THESE PICTURES ARE SO SWEET! Can’t wait for you to get back so I can freakin see you! i want to come over and we can have a little dinner and play with big boy Levi 🙂

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