summer book club

yes a book club.

im joining in with my momma.

and mister;D

no really. he is doing book club as well! and well …. at the end of the summer were going to do something fun. really really fun.its not know yet what that “fun” thing is… but it is going to happen this summer. im not a huge reader at all. at all. at all. in fact i would rather watch tv….

i heard once your brain does a much activity as is does when your watching tv as it does when your sleeping.

isn’t that delightful.

i don’t think that watching tv all day everyday is good for you at all.

but for me …

i just don’t mind kicking back to a good movie or show i enjoy… and pardon me but ill take a few rotten brain cells for that.for the time tv is off. and the days are long…. i will read.

i enjoy spiritual books, contemplative books, life changing make you dig deep books.

and I even enjoy some hokey. sweaty.greasy. bad .romance novels.

forgive me.

i just do.

here are some on my list this summer.

do you have any books you want to read? any you have already read and really enjoy??

please share!!

until next time my dear friends.

i love you.

i really do.






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3 responses to “summer book club

  1. Kayla

    Everything Belongs is my all time favorite book. It’s amazing.

  2. I’m reading A Million Miles in a Thousand Years right now! It’s fun and challenging. I need the challenge, and I’m enjoying the ride. I think you will too!

  3. Ganny

    I just read the Million Miles book myself. I also recommend it. If you like him, you may like books by Ann Lamott. My favorite is Traveling Mercies.

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