wedding bells are chiming

Hello.. how was your weekend?

hope it was wonderful.

i rolled out of bed on Saturday so excited for my friends shower..and totally exhausted.

i love sleeping… like really. i cant emphasize on how much i love to sleep. though i rarely get to sleep .. i do love it. i miss it. one day one of these sweet sweet days sleep will return.



… chirp chirp.


well ??

on that note..

The shower turned out wonderfully.

Hosted by the Hyatt Family. such a darling family ,and Kayla… such a SWEET girl. it turned out perfect.

i just happened to grab my camera on the way out the door.. and well… i ended being the only one there with a camera.

thannnkk you Lawwwday.

here is MRS. Torti

could she be any more beautiful?

and the ring..


and the mother … she is wonderful. a work of art. the entire room lights up when this lady walks in.

you know how some people just have that gift?

welp… she has it.

and here is the Maid of Honor. Marissa.

she is the most fun girl you will ever meet.

she’s the kinda gal to jump in the car with you an hour before dusk and take a road trip and stay at 5 star hotel, and go spend money you don’t need to spend on clothes and shoes and accessories you don’t really need to have. and tell you how in the end its all gonna be ok. and it really is.

you know that kinda friend.

and here’s Momma Gail… she is da bomb… do people even use that term anymore…

either way ..

that’s what she is.

now this lady above can cook. annnd her daughter can too.

so i can enjoy the reaping without doin a darn thing.

yum… are you full just looking at all these goodies?

then Kayla open up all her fun stuff:)

I got her some sweet little his and her mugs from anthro. and the most amazing  smelling candle from there.

and then she opened…

the whole room burst with laughter.

Kayla don’t worry honey .. if you get pregnant on your honeymoon… it will be fine.. i promise. unless it twins..

or triplets.


this is Kaylas grandmother.  She is stunning.

i have a love for older people. i just do.

i always wonder.. what have those eyes seen..what have those ears heard.. how hard have those hands worked.. what is her story?

these are things the run through my mind.

and look at this.

stop it stop it stop it.

i cant handle it. the drooly cuteness. I WANT one. or two. NOW.

the late night feeding .. that sweet new smell..

then i remember… how much i love sleeping. and well if I had another now.. there would be NONE of that.

and i love to sleep.


but i guess i already said that.


love love love this lady.

pretty lady

here is some more dahhling ladies.

all the bridesmaids.

and all of Kaylas ladies in the family

gorgeous girls:)


you are going to be the most Beautiful bride.

i am so so happy for this season of your life.

your a light in this world. a gem. and beautiful from the inside out.

My prayer is for God’s hand of favor always be upon you and Tyler.

over your marriage. over you entire wonderful lives together.

and for your future family ..


and for sleep.. lots of lots of sleep.

loves you.





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2 responses to “wedding bells are chiming

  1. renee. i love all of these photos! how beautiful. girl you are seriously talented. thank you, thank you for taking all the pictures and for being a gorgeous, lovely, and special friend! love you so much! these are just gorgeous!

  2. Ganny

    Your gifts in words and photos are exquisite. Love Ganny

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