About who??


how are you today?

i hope i am finding you well … and im totally exhausted after a long day of being mommy to a sick baby boy.. nothings worse. poor mister. I am so blessed i can stay at home with my sweet baby. How do working Mothers do it? God Bless them. i would need to be on some serious medication to do all that

soooooo on that note…. i am ready to begin my first Q&A  all about this lady named Renee.



do you go by any nicknames or just Renee?

my mother would call me Ethel or Melba growing up for no apparent reason… perhaps i channel Ethel merman since out of the womb, but nope yep just plain Jane Renee unless of course my mothers around.

then im Ethel

or Melba.

but i guess i said that.

How did you meet your husband?

sighhhh awww the day we met …

I was in my first semester of College at MTSU. I had been dating a guy for 4 years. practically my whole life. i was living about 3o miles away from Franklin and anyhow i went Starbucks  to go meet this guy to hang out and meet some of his buddies.

i sat down at Starbucks.

and saw this dream boat walking across the parking lot.

Gulp… sweaty palms… sweat armpits.

do i have crap in my teeth? hair in stuck in my lip gloss?bats in my cave? black mascara eye boogers?

we ended up going to his dads chocolate shops in dtf and hanging.

it was cold out that night.

and he lent me his jacket that night. and he didnt hand it to me.

he put it on my shoulders.

that did it.

i broke up with the other dude…. and well HALLERLULAH.. im here today with the man of my dreams.

How old were you and your husband when you got married?


we were both 19.

Spring chickens eh?

Are you pregnant?

No. I’m pretty sure I’m not. I think


im not.

i think.

How Old are you?

22.. and a month.

How do you discipline your little one.

with a washer board


MY favorite books that i am using on mister are Parenting with love and logic. and Super Nanny and Grace Based parenting.

i take nuggets from books

i am a very very laid back momma when it comes to things in life like jumping on the couch, running around naked. drawing on themselves. getting dirty. playing in the forbidden germ infested sandbox at the park. jumping on the bed. you know those things.

and i never discipline for accidents. spilled milk sort of things. THEY HAPPEN

if Levi is throwing a fit… i find MOST of the time its because he cant express what he wants or what he is feeling. so i just will say,” use your words so mommy can get you what you need or want” or i will say,” Sweeheart, are you feeling angry that you didnt get icecream today ?It is ok to feel that way, but its not ok to throw your toy.”


when momma says don’t do something. he knows i mean it.

i only discipline under the conditions of he is being defiant to what i am telling him to do or if he is endangering himself or others.. hitting, throwing, running away from me… etc. those are all zero policy. straight to the naughty chair  for 1 min. i get a very authoritative voice when talking to him about this. after 1 minute in the chair… i tell him what he did was wrong, why its wrong, what the rule is, he gives me an apologies, then we hug and kiss and tell him i love him very much it was the behavior i didn’t like.and after that we jump up and i say something positive and get a happy tone, “Lets go get a juice&snack and sit outside and read a book!”  this usually does it. but IF it happens again within that time frame… we do have a sad spoon. it says “i love you” with a sad face on the spoon. and well… do the same sort of conversations… i tell him what he did was wrong, why its wrong, what the rule is and tell him his consequence is a spank……..and i hug him and love on him after. its a VERY controlled. i never ever spank when im angry. every. ive only had to use the sad spoon 2 times since we have disciplined this way.

so this works well for us. every child i different. and well you just sorta roll with the punchs in life and do your best job.

Epidural or Natural?
Epidural. please. and a xanax. and a shot of vodka.


Hair please! I must know how to fix my hair!

uhh?? im the wrong lady to ask… i just have a curling iorn and some good treseme hair spray when im out and about. otherwise its pulled up on my head.

what your favorite food?

Sushi. and sushi and sushi.

in fact i think i would hire a Itamae to cook for me morning noon and night. and the Pioneer woman.

Is it true you want twins?

YES. and no and maybe. and sometimes.

i don’t know.

ask me tomorrow.

where were you born?

i was born in Richmond,Virgina

in Henrico country hospital.

beautiful town. i moved to Franklin when i was 5.

How do you decorate and design in your house with out making it too girly for your husband.

hmmm.. good question. Zach loves modern anything.  I love vintage/retro .. thrown in with sleek modern. i pick most things out and i give him the options i have come up with. I love that he loves to help out with creating our home together. i try to find masculine peices of furniture/ decor… and add my own twist on it. try putting color pallets together BEFORE you do a room and go off of 1 or maybe 2 things top of inspiration.

are you going to go back to school ?

who knows. i hate school. i love learning. but was NOT made to sit at a desk. ever.

are you organized?

before i had mister i was a freak. every thing was organized always. always. always. i freaked if it wasnt.

control issues??

then i became a mother.

and that passed. we all totally enjoy our selves and our home. its lived in for sure! but we take care of our belongings.

unless its my shower rod. i got in a fight with it tonight and it won.

damn thing.

how did you learn to sew?

my grandmother gummy was a seamstress so she taught me a lot. we made baby doll dress and fun things when i stayed at her house in the summers. some of my most fond memories. ever.

would you ever move out of Franklin?

hell yes!

i mean… uhh.. yes i would.

i love this town. its wonderful for raising a family but i want to see the world explore grow… and have my babies on my hip the whole time.

do you read much? who are your favorite authors?

im not a huge reader.. why i do love it in spurts… i would rather kick back and watch a greasy TV shows. i love contemplative thinking and spirituality books. my favorite authors are Louise L. Hay, Richard Rohr, C.S Lewis, Don Miller, Mitch Albom, Matthew Kelly. those are just a few.

how do you find such cool music and underground bands?

my husband. he knows everyone.. hes heard it. and well that’s apart of his job he does. he has headphones on about 9 hours a day at least.


colgate? with the fun white stipes in it. i like i to be really foamy and bubbly.

im all very serious when i come to by tooth paste.

what does your husband do exactly?

he  is  legendary and phenomenal and has mastered the art of making out.

oh wait?

is that  what you are asking?

oh work?! yes work.

he is a musician and  producer and song writer.


how many kids do you want total?

6 maybe?5? 3?2? i don’t know.

ask me tomorrow.

what were you going to name mister if he were a girl?


what are your top 3 insecurities?

1. My love of butter.

2. My love of anything battered and deep fried.

3. My boobs… unless im pregnant.  then they are great. i think every women looks great with a lit bit of skin on her.

Im very secure in who i am as a women. I have worked my ass of to learn myself, to grow, to heal, to reflect, to be present. I am extremely proud of who i am. My security lies in that. I just know no matter who you are how funny, rich, beautiful, smart, nice you are… we all are fighting our own silent/or some visible battles. i totally enjoy people that wear the heart on there sleeve… not all the time obviously.. but when your just  totally present and  real. i love the good, bad, ugly, joy and pain. i love hearing peoples stories.

i just have a love for people.

what time do you usually go to bed?

some nights at 8 some nights at 3 … depending on those wheels in my mind. if i cant sleep i journal… or sketch.

speaking of…my eyes need chapstick to stay open a moment longer.



why was i nervous?

silly me.

siweeee as mister says.





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4 responses to “About who??

  1. string beanie!! haha, no but really renee you are so amazing. seeing your fb and blog, you were put on this earth to be the amazing mother and wife and creator you are. hope all is well, and i think coffee is in the mix sometime this summer. i just graduated form mtsu (uhhh, gross) and just moved home for the summer!

  2. bahhaha you are HILARIOUS! i loved reading this.

    “Epidural. please. and a xanax. and a shot of vodka.”

    • Renée

      Bwahaha… hey it takes the edge off?!? maybe next time ill go au natural… or maybe not. or maybe? i just dont know why id do such a thing to myself!!

  3. epidural or natrual answer, classic and hilarious. nice work.

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