sweet ceces and such

hello blogging familia…

its officially summer time .. its a bloody 95 degrees out.. and we’ve hit up the pool almost everyday since its opened. you HAVE got to see mister. really. he is fish. he is Fearless and wants to swim alone. with his “wings” as he calls them. ill have a post for you soon of him. no worries you’ll see him in the Olympics in a couple of years. no biggie.

anyway one of our favorite treats is sweet Cece’s. its the southern knock of of yogurt tree or pink berry….  its right near our house so we can pop in there and get a treat. mon-thurs they have from 5-6 happy hour buy 1 get 1 free! what?! yes. soooo naturally i crave it everyday.

along with the 1500 calorie topping that go on top.

oh hey handsomes…..

if you name starts with a L or Z

and you love some motherly love

and you like to have your back scratched

and the lines on your socks perfectly even

look this way

that’s more like it!

hes saying is “wweezzzing” also known as freezing.

oahhh Levi… is that a bug in your hand?

and a mommy hair? yummy.

Oh look! hey momma you look so adorable here

oh us being us..





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