a little leather?

i rarely do posts about things i’m into  and so i will do a post at least once a week on things i like.

so. it is. :]

so so so

lets begin with what i love right now.
ive been on a leather kick lately.

maybe its something in the air? the water?

who knows. just give me some leather.

its smells brand new every time you put it on. and well

mister agrees.

and if you have a little one…. you can go wrong in dressing them up. they are so darling with some skinnys, a graphic t and leather boots or some sambas with colored laces.

after all every little boy needs a leather coat.


its most vital to there essential well being .



every little man needs a good pair of boots.





can you smell them through this page? hmm..


i think these are euro brand and i cant remember as far as shipping how much it is…

so check it here.

so what are some things you love?



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2 responses to “a little leather?

  1. evelyn

    Mister will be so cute in those.
    only your child could pull those off! really.

    and i love chocolate, coffee, tea, knitting and ball room dancing.

    thanks for sharing,


  2. Erin Ward

    those boots are too cool..

    and that jackets awesome.
    thanks for giving that link. ill have to check that brand out.

    i love hot baths, candles, starbucks, journals, pens, and the beach.

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