caught up in you

look at this video i found on my computer ….

im speechless. i remember this day like a moment ago in time.

i blinked. and now hes huge.

hes practically a grown man…. only hes 2.

what an honor … what an absolute privilege to be his mommy. i am blessed beautifully every day,  every moment.

My calling in this life… to be a mother. that is all i ever wanted to be. and im living it.

i am living My dream.

and all i can do. the only words i can even think of…



pure. blissful love.


you my sweet darling honey bear could not be possibly loved anymore.

that’s a promise.

forever and always,


p.s today when we were on the deck and we were painting with water colors.

you were soaking wet and had grass from head to toe thanks to the sprinkler.

and so so so joyful.

you couldnt have looked any more handsome. you were positively at your finest.



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One response to “caught up in you

  1. evelyn

    what a big boy! he has grown so much. what a blessed life he lives.

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