when i look at you

when i look at you.

I remember what this life is all about.

the moments, the hours, the beautiful days and the sacred nights.

i remember the day you came into this world. when you laid on my chest and the tranquil and peace that flooded over us as soon as i said your name.

your clever, smart, handsome, soo funny, nurturer, full of love and kindness. and you totally enjoy life to the fullest. everyday. i learn so much from you. already.

you are the nearest thing to heaven my darling boy. You have changed our lives forever more. Only God creates a love this perfect this close this pure. I am so blessed to be your Mommy.its unreal.
always and forever.

and to my mother.

my sweet wonderful selfless mother.

you are a joy, a light in this world.

you installed in me my love for God, art, literature, the world and people.

for teaching me to use my gifts and talents to make the world a better place and for the Glory of God

i love you always.


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One response to “when i look at you

  1. Ganny

    You are a fantastic mother, enthusiastic, aware, protective, creative, joyful and understanding the awesome responsibility of motherhood. May God always bless you on your journey. You make me very proud! Love Ganny

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