We will praise you in this storm

so im not so sure how many of you are aware of the absolute devastation that has happened to middle TN… we’ve had a total of 8 deaths total and they said “have not seen the worse.”

luckily it has quit raining in franklin as of now … we are pretty much stranded due to the fact the state issued us a disaster zone. The State also put a curfew on us from 6pm-6am.

also can I please just tell you all that already do not know this.  please I beg of you, do not  go swim, kyack, scuba dive, fish, jump, play, canoe, do hand stands or God forbid send your children into the water. it could be seriously hazardous…. and most of all we want you and your loved ones to be healthy and well…

so please refrain from doing hand stands in the McDonald’s parking lot until all the water has subsided.

and then  I can join you.

and so will mister.

he’s getting dang good at his hand stands since gymnastics classes and all. pretty soon…. he’ll be beating me at who can stand on their hands the longest.

here are some pictures.

well this one is a laugh….

thank you weather man!

Franklin TN Flood 05-02-10 May 2010 from Jonathan Melton on Vimeo.

from my iphone

our park

pictures taken- Miriam Chesbro

historic graveyard

i cant even imagine places like Haiti and New Orleans… and places that have suffered seriously with death in the thousands…

this is just a tiny glimpse of what terrible devastation looks like.

i just want to ask you all to pray for Middle Tennessee.. Franklin and surrounding areas. for Gods hand of healing be on our land, on our people, for those who are broken, who’s homes have suffered or been totally lost. I also want to ask  for Gods mightiest angels to surround us all. in our homes. in our lives. to watch over us. to keep us safe and give us all strength and hope.

in Jesus we trust in God we will put our faith.




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One response to “We will praise you in this storm

  1. I enjoyed your story and hope the best for your family and all that contend with this flood situation. We had family and our dog come over from Pinkerton park/96 to stay with us. It sure has been an incredible experience.

    I like those photos of the cemeteries. Cemetery studies in Williamson county are a big hobby of mine.

    Bless you,

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