Chattanooga choo choo

im so sorry i have totally been so MIA…

thats what your suppose to say when your gone for awhile right?


i have no clue. either way… ive been far from the computer as possible and spending time with my sweet little family.we took a spur of the moment road trip to Chattanooga Tennessee. We woke up sat. morning and decided enough is enough we need to run wild. to be MIA… right?

so we did. we packed up the car and off we went for a weekend of pizza, sharks, and pretend play

lets hit the road!

misters such a roadie.

yes i was the crazy mom who took 3585783945789 pictures of my baby … who cares if he is picking his nose or has sucker all over his face.  i want a picture of it.oh these precious moments.

this is one of my faves.

i hate sharks. really. when i was young ( and maybe even now) i had this fear of sharks in the swimming pool. i just always keep an eye out for one. just in case… you know you can never tell when a great white might come from the deep end.

and Mister has found a new love …. sharks… they are all he talks about

love my mens

my sweetness

swimming time!

and then the childrens arts and creative center

so amazing

calling Dr. Hall

doncha love the scenery..?? haha it was so cheesy we had too!

anyway i could upload pictures all day long… and still never be done.




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