flurry days

finally we had a snow day in Tennessee… thank the Good Lord in heaven. The weather man has tourtured and teased with these poor chilrens'( that is how they say it in the south baby) minds, its not right I tell you. They cancelled all schools before there was even a single flake had hit the ground.

So We woke up to a white morning and mister was so so excited to get out there… he sat next to the door all morning like a pup wanting to go out. Finally i managed to swim my way out of my sweats and layer up for outside

Oh my handsomes

we went over to our friends to play…

i  caught this of sissy, as mister calls her. What a sweet angel

and her bubba

hes got super cool moves

he looks like a ninja here…

he would not slow down not for one second and take a picture… sighhhh

but i did catch him in action clearing the side walk for mommy.

thank you mister Levi for clearing the way, such a gentleman already.

and we looked and looked and went to all corners of the earth to find a sled…. not one was left.


we dumped them into a laundry hamper…

and went sledding!

KP takin the babies for a ride

look at all those punks in the back ground so envious of our sled.

Do they look like that are having a teensie weenise bit of fun


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