mister and St. Nicholas

These past few days I’ve been explaing to mister who saint Nicholas actually is and what he is all about. So this week I’ve talking Santa all up.

today after nap-


mister- YAY MOMMA YAY!

me- guess who we are gonna go see today…….  SANTAAAAAAA!!!!!!

mister- jumping up in down in his crib screams- YAY YAY YAY YAY HO HO HO HO MOMMA!

so i got him all spoofed and handsomed up with his bow tie and everything for the jolly man… and let me tell you. LEVI LOVED SANTA. he ran strait to him hopped up on his lap and his face turned as bright a bowl full of cherries. I almost shed a tear i was so happy to see my baby so happy.

he was in heaven. and he look how HUGE he is… seriously where did my baby go?

and this is mister last year


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