a P.W. kinda night

623 women, 2 pitting armpits and 1 exhausted toddler later. I DID IT. i have done it. I have met the Pioneer Woman

Now listen im a freak of nature. Like you don’t know that by now.I was so excited was shaking, sweating, nervous, glowing radiantly as i wrapped my arms around her sweet neck.  I’m never star struck. ever. but i was today.

ive actually met quite a lot of “famous” people. Even a Jonas brother had a crush on me. (gag) But that’s another story. I just dont think famous people are any more important than my grocery bagger. in fact. i like my grocery bagger better.

but this. this was The Ree Drummond. I’ve been positively stalking her blog for the past 2 years of my life. I laughed, i cried. i laughed more as i learned the ends and outs of this odd creature named Ree. So i felt like I finally was meeting my long distance friend for the first time. Mister and I made matching shirts and everything (which Ree Loved.)

like i told you I am a freak

a freak i say.

Mister and my friend Tianna in line.

Uh so uh hi Ree… Im Renee. im pitting terribly. uh Im nervous and absoutly love you. I dont want to talk about it im so nervous.

ive only been stalking you for 2 years.

“So who is this sweet boy?”

oh sweet Jesus i am going to throw up on you Ree.

“This is mister. his name is Levi


“What a darling boy, and those shirts… you are seriously crafty!”

did she just call me crafty? ME? whew.

“Oh Ree by the way… I have a little something for your girls.”

isn’t she stunning?? seriously

these are some headbands for your sweet girls


no she adored them.

and i was ecstatic.

here Ree. sign some more and more and more and more and more..

do i look a itsy-bitsy itty-bitty  teensy-weensy gleeful?

im a freak.

all in all… im so happy i didn’t vomit on you Ree. I love you . You are wonderful and delightfully witty. and one day im coming to the ranch to cook with you and drink wine with you. and i might even put a chisel in your laundry pile.

look at her boots. aren’t the glorious?

So one day. ill be there Ree.

love your favorite freak,



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One response to “a P.W. kinda night

  1. Melissa McCall

    Hey Renee! You are a freak! I love that about you. It was fun to see you at The book signing and too see that sweet adorable Levy. PLEASE promise me… if you go to Oklahoma to do Ree’s laundry – you will need a chaperone or two…. you know who I am talking bout.

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