how perfect is this.

As I was speaking just the other day of the imporatnce of keeping our advent all about Jesus. I feel We get so wrapped up in gifts and material around this time of year. And not on purpose. It those darn commericals with all the kids frolicking around with there new toys, Martha Stewart and her glorious kitchen wear.

As a Mother, i want to express one thing to Levi about this holiday. This is all about the birth of Jesus, nothing more. Its a time to celebrate, to be a servant, and be humble. I was strolling the aisles at target and i found this.

that is perfect!!! Each few days we can set out a new character to go with verses; talk about the importance of each individual. The greatest part of all is this is going to be so hands on for mister…..and how cute is baby Jesus:]

Now i was honeslty very suprised to see Little People put something out like this. I could see it on the front page now, “Mother sues Little Tikes due to Jesus Nativity Scene.”  In the same sense , I understand where those people come from, Imagine how the Bible belt would react if they saw a Little Tikes Buddhist set…. can you imagine… hahaha thats another conversation for another time.




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2 responses to “how perfect is this.

  1. Renée

    I’ve loved this set for awhile now… hard to find. Look at getting What God wants for Christmas… I stared it with my nieces and nephews and it has become a tradition. It has the this little story book and they talk about each person… each person is in a little gift box and the very last gift box is a mirror and it says God wants you for Christmas… and all the choices you makes… I did it with my Dance students to…. Seriously the best gift ever!

  2. Renée

    awesome! I’ll go look at getting that for sure; sounds like a really good way of teaching! Im excited! thanks for sharing!!:)

    God bless,


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