hold it right there mister.

mister and me before our family date. Daddy wanted to take a picture of us.

how handsome is mister. i could gobble him up.

hey you…

hold it right there

he’s a momma’s boy. so what:]



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5 responses to “hold it right there mister.

  1. Robbie

    Joy for Ganny.

  2. carolinee the cousinn

    Beautiful beautiful, levi is such a dashing boy! Please can I have him? 😉

    • Renée

      he is naughty isn’t he… he makes everyone feel this way.

      and my uterus starts contracting everytime he snuggles in my arms

      naughty naughty mister.

  3. nicole

    oh my goodness. pure beauty. everything seems amazing renee, congrats on that beautiful little boy and a beautiful momma i must add!

  4. gram

    Oh my goodness….you coud charge for one of those
    snuggles….great times

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