hello long lost readers..im sorry for the last month i have compleatly abandon you. Thanks for all your emails regarding my headbands etc. you can find them at my shop on etsy… and now at 11th street market in Beaumont Texas:)

As far as my photography … i have just been to tired to even hit the button on my carmera let alone edit anything. I just want to lay and decorate my house in glitter and anthro. christmas decorations .

im craving chili tater tots from sonic right now as we speak. im gross… but its so good. and low calorie… and make your bum look good.

i was talking to Mimi today. If you dont know who that is… you should. She will change your life for the better. She is one of the most kind people walking on this earth. Don’t believe me? Go to her house for the day. She will stuff you with the most delicious deicadent foods, you’ll sink down into her comfy couch and she will fluff a pillow behind your head cover you will a down blanket that smells like lavender ; bring you a cup of coffee and you’ll wake up 4 hours later drooling because you’ve slept so peacefully. Then she’ll have another hot meal on the oven.. and dessert ready for you to gobble up.  sighhh… she is amazing.

I called mimi yeterday…

Renee: Mimi, things are just crazy right now, i just feel like I can’t get a thing done. My house, well it looks like a tornado has stormed through my house. I thought something was dead in my car…it ended being a dirty diaper in my car. its been in there for 3 weeks. how did it even get there?

Oh, I went to New Moon last night with the rest of the world and didn’t get home till 3 and was up this morning with Mister. I have racoon eyes, and laundry keeps breeding all over my house. I just want thing to get back to Normal

Mimi: Sweetheart, the only place your going to find ” Normal” in this world is the setting on the dryer.

I felt the weight of the world off of my shoulders. i took a deep breathe… and then it came.  I am so blessed beyond belief I’m so grateful for my dirty laundry. my crazy family.

my perfectly imperfect life.


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