Mountain Women Weekend

This is the last week that lil’ momma on the right will be on the market. So on that note we took a trip to the mountains to have fun and just relax. We stayed in a BEAUTIFUL cabin. So these are my amazing sister-n-laws…. we are totally and amazingly blessed with each other…. its kinda funny that none of us have ever had biological sisters, so we are sister now. yes.. they are the best.

IMG_0579 Bex gettin ready for some fun.

She has some serious sweet friends… my best friend is 2 feet tall. he’s the sweetest of all;)
the delectable deliciousness …I ate 4…ok im totally lying. i had 8. so what.
sue  me
Becca almost had a panic attack when someone stuck this in her drink. haha i couldnt stop laughing
then we played games…. let me tell you…….. its was really stinkin’ funny. i cant talk about it … sorry. you just had to be there
suddenly the straw didn’t seem so bad.
then we went into Gatlinburg… sheesh people. people. i need to say nothing… every five steps this is what you run into.
and corn dogs, funnel cakes, fresh fudge, candy apples, cotton candy, ice-cream,
all these low calorie goodies make my heart sing.
then I saw this car and forgot all about the greasy goodness.
then i turned and saw this. i think i drooled on my camera.
Becca decided to find her hubby to be the most white trash air brush t-shirt possible… as you see her sweet red head searching for the perfect trashiness to go on a shirt.
these girls are the bomb
My sisters.
And Helen… Oh Helen. If you ever want to laugh.. like the cramps in your tummy laughing.. see that hotness poking her head up. call her. She will make your day the most amazing laughable day in all of your life.
There you go baby, Seth and Becca , Love’n Life
we had a glorious time .
IMG_0570… i just missed my men a tid bit too much.


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3 responses to “Mountain Women Weekend

  1. Becca McCall


    I LOOVVEEEE these pictures. Thanks so much for 1. coming. 2. taking fabulous (and hilarious) pictures. I love you sista!

    • Renée

      awww Becca i love you so much! i had so much fun… i have like 23429385928 pictures… so on that not im going to get them to you… in a little bit:)
      i cant wait to see you on wednesday!

  2. Helen Newton

    OMGa Renee, these pictures are FANTASTIC and you are soo sweet to write such lovely thinigs!! I can’t wait to see you again and you are truely gifted!!

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