Durning the Misters nap time today I was in my little studio cleaning organzing.. ladadada and ran into some scraps(i save scraps of ANY project I do.) cause you know I am just good like that. NOT …

to be honest i have a confession.

This past week I have no recycled at all. Not at all. nothin’ zip zilch nada. I feel horrible like the weight of the world on my shoulders… then i walk out and see the big screen tv box my neighbors have gladly thrown out to the trash that is heading into the environment and I feel a bit better.

NO no im lying i really don’t.  but I wish i did…sighhhh…. forgive me mother Earth.

back to square one… I was diggin’ through my pile and I though how cute it would be to make a little head band for my best friend’s little one… so i did:) it turned out so darn’ cute on her too!





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3 responses to “Hairdoos’

  1. Ashley Smith

    i love the headband… i want one so bad… would you make one for my little girl?
    email please!

  2. alison

    you really should make create so nice pieces and take them to a nice little kids boutique. you have such a great eye!!!

  3. alison

    oops…create some……
    do it now
    get that machine a hummin!!!

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