More Little Stitches.

I AM BACK! I AM BACK… it’s me i swear. im back for Good. If my blog was a child i would get it taken away… I have completely neglected it for the past week. I could go on with reasons and reasons why….

So this is one of my little projects i have finished this past weekend for our friend of ours. She is going to look so precious in this:)

made with love -by Me





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5 responses to “More Little Stitches.

  1. Brandi

    what a darling dress. do you sell these locally? or how could i get one for my daughter?

  2. Jessica Carlton

    I LOVE THIS! I can’t believe you made this! you are so talented! its way cute! If i had a little girl i would buy one of these in a snap. Great job
    – Jessica

  3. alison

    UH HELLO!! 5T!! get busy!! sister needs a new something!! can’t wait to see you! 6weeks!!!!! you are so talented. i am proud of you and a little jealous!

    • Renée

      haha thanks Ali.. i know… i want to make her something for sure:)

      Brandi…i typically only make stuff for friends and family… its just a small hobby of mine:)
      but send me your contact info and we might could work something out

  4. Love, Love, Love it!!! London is going to love it too! Eeeek, can’t wait to put it on her. Thanks so much.

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