WARNING -a messiest Mister

Restricted- People of queezy nature or have not passed a child through the gronial area.  This signifies that the rating board has concluded that the blog rated contains some adult material. Parents are urged to learn more about the blof before taking their children to see it. An R may be assigned due to, among other things, a blogs use of messy, gross, freaky, greasy or  beware of the Misters portrayal of no diapers on.

this is after nap time the other day.

oh it was everywhere…

“no no no Maaammmaa”





Filed under bambino, photogs

2 responses to “WARNING -a messiest Mister

  1. Jennica Park

    OH NO! what a mess… i hate when they find out how to take there diapers off.

  2. Brandi

    poor guy. Well he does not look happy. hope he does not do it again!

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