Messy me messier Mister

Back to round two at Vandy childrens hospital.. Levi butsed his chin open. again. poor mister. he just cant seem to keep those sweet feet on the ground.

I on the other hand have not gotten out of my juicy sweats in a week. nor has make-up had a date with my face.

sue me.

Between Photo sessions, editing, sewing, cooking, cleaning, laundry, hospital visits ( heaven forbid) and cleaning poop out of the Misters bed…oh wait a minute. did i tell you, he found out what the funky stuff that came out in his diaper is. its horrible … the first thing i did was grab my camera… im still deciding if i am going to post them or not. I would.. totally ….only you would think i was a total freak if i posted pictures of my child covered from head to toe in poo.

and im ok with that. so ill post them soon

ill put a warning up for all of you that stand of the quezzy side of life.. or don’t have any offspring. you poor things are in for a ride.

ok im headed to the mall for some new juicy sweats. these things are totally worth every cent.




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2 responses to “Messy me messier Mister

  1. Jessica Carlton

    Oh no! The Mister need a outfit he can not get out of. Somehow my babies always found a way out of there diapers! Best of Luck with his falls and his chin. Boys will be Boys!!

  2. Susanna

    great pics! im loving your cute family pictures. the are timeless!
    keep up the work

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