beautiful boy

Meet baby Garrett. This baby is amazing. He was so happy the whole time i took pictures. He let me try different things with him and was happy as a clam as long as his belly was full on liquid gold (breast milk). This sweet family lives in the most beautiful little town. I felt like i was back in time by 10 years… only wait… that would make me 11, and how much do you about the World at 11.

gosh this little one is giving me baby fever… but maybe you already knew that about me by now.

Renee, you can not want to have a baby for every precious baby you take pictures of…

OR i could… i just don’t think my uterus would be very pleased.


are they beautiful or what.








and then he did this…. oh gosh … what a darlin’



    Please do not use photos from this site without written permission from me, Renee Hall photography



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9 responses to “beautiful boy

  1. Anna Lee

    I love the texture and lighting. Im loving everything you do! I want to book a session in November if possible.

  2. Daniel Furea

    incredible work Renee. I am getting addicted to your page. Please keep the post coming. thanks

  3. Julie

    WOW,WOW,WOW! Such a sweet pictures. It makes me yearn for another little one myself.

  4. Renée

    thanks! i am really appreciative of all the sweet things my followers say! Anna email me at and we can set up a time in November!

  5. Jessica Carlton

    that mom is a beautiful women! what a sweet baby, these pictures are just great. Im going to use you for my holiday family pictures. Do you do Christmas cards?

    • Renée

      Hey Jessica!
      Yes i do Christmas card and birth announcements etc. i can do gallery wraps and most likely anything you want. email me for complete pricing details and we can get you and your family a session set up!
      thank you,
      Renee Hall

  6. I LOVE love love these pics!! Beautifully done Renee!

    • Renée

      thanks Juicer.. that make me thirsty just typing that. maybe my hyopthalmus can sense my finger typing the word “juice”.. . ok i better stop typing about juice, Dangit i typed it again.

      he is spying on us. precious

      gosh was that the preciousest , not a word.. its ok .. just go with it….
      little baby or what.

  7. LOL! You know there is nothing funnier that typing exactly what you are thinking, without any editing. This was an oft repeated exercise I subjected myself to in a creative writing class. Your hilarious note is an uncanny reminder of those fun times!:)

    Did you gravitate to clicking the young ones and families naturally, from the start? Or did you find your way around?
    I don’t know, but it seems like you were made for this stuff.

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