Jaden is now 6! time fly’s… i remember when you were potty training. and look at you now. I shot JPsquard awhile ago.. he is my little punk.

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday dear JaaaadddeeeeNnNNnN, Happy Birthday to yooouuuu!

(look at Estee mo in the back ground … cake time??)

IMG_0087 makin’a wish…

( Estee just want’s the cake with extra frosting.)


His little sweet girl friend


This is Jaden’s Best Friend. He might be enrolling in Paul Mitchell Hair School…..

due to the fact .. well he wanted to give  his sweet  sister  a “Movie Star” hairdo.


Poor Nancy… She can pull off a Brittany look.

Those eyes are to die for.


The Little Mister on his Hot Rod…


this is his partner in Crime…

just call them

Bonnie & Clyde



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