I’m starting to get more out with Levi, he is at that age where he is actually enjoying doing things. I just love to watch his little eyes light up when we go on our little adventures. Whether its a day at the park or we go for a picnic or the library, every day is a new adventure with this little man. I’m so blessed to be apart of it all:) this is Levi and Maci Anne at the Zoo.. we had a blast!


“Uh hey Nay can you pweese take my Pit-chur with the babeee goats??”


then this little misshapen came about …. he just wasn’t a snuggler.


the widdle mister man loved the baby goats:)


On to the gift shop. So it was bloody hot that day, and Levi had been so good. i said,” Levi , sweetie you have been such a good boy! You can pick out anything you want baby! “I showed him the stuffed animals, coloring books, t-shirts, sippy cups.. he was not interested in anything… except for this


are you all wondering what the hell is in the middle of that thing… its a Scorpion. a dead scorpion i am letting my 1 year old eat. im such a good Momma. He wouldn’t leave the store without it. He Squalled and squealed when i put it back… and i kinda put my self in a tight spot when i said, ” Levi , sweetie you have been such a good boy! You can pick out ANYTHING in the whole store.”

note- i didn’t actually let him eat the scorpion.

He is all boy, what can i say. I payed 6 bucks for that thing… I’m gonna start making these suckers. . Levi and I will go dig all the dead bugs up we find and wrap um’ up in goo… and sell um’.


the best part of the zoo was this.

“Wook Momma Wook!”


hi beautiful!



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  1. alison

    Wow! What beautiful kids! What beautiful pictures!

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