cupcakes gone bad

so i still have not decided if i am going to keep my personal blog for family/friends or if i am going to just combine the two.

We decided for the baby shower we were going to make some cupcakes.. which typically im a baker, anything loaded with sugar, butter i love. WHY WHY!!

Meet Michelle, she was conceived by hippies. she’s amazing. She is going to marry Cowboy Josh.


here are our low calorie cupcakes


no, cupkes, why’d you have to go and get all droopy on me. sniffsniff


NONONO! please, don’t do it. don’t jump.


Rest in peace.


we ended with every 5 year olds dream cake


oh well, to the Bakery i go.


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One response to “cupcakes gone bad

  1. Drip, slosh, gooey thump! I am craving blue cupcakes now. Delicioso šŸ™‚

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